The Sorn descended from giant “sea scorpions” on their home world and are more comfortable in water than on land. That being said they move quickly and with dexterity on land ( Normal running movement) However they are excellent swimmers and very fast. (If you are chasing a Sorn and it jumps into water, Wave byebye, you are NOT catching it.) A Sorn on land can jump a surprising distance using its long flat tail, perhaps twice what a man can jump. Also the Sorn are efficiant climbers using their many legs.

The Sorn’s armored back is the equivelant of bullet resistant armor (10 resist PD) however their underside is unarmored. You just don’t see their underside often.

The Sorn have a tremendous sense of smell ( Think bloodhound or shark) and can use sonar to detect their prey. They also have a keen sense of empathy and have the un-nerving ability to be able to tell what your emotional state is (Telepathy , only emotions, usually 6d6)”they smell fear…”

The Sorn are keenly chauvinistic and see most other races as profoundly unadapted to survive in the open universe. They perfer the company of their own kind almost exclusivly. However they do feel for the plight of “lesser beings” and truly have charitable motivations and wish to help. Just not in their pool of water.

This also leads them to stick thier feelers in where they are not wanted since its obvious , to the Sorn, that no other race can do whatever it is they are doing as well as the Sorn can. It IS true that a Sorn ,once on a task, has an almost single minded determination (+1 to any skill roll) but that does make them inattentive (-1 to all perception rolls while doing a skill roll)

Sorn are very altruistic to other Sorn and have a history of self sacrifice in battle.



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