*Pop* (make three popping sounds like the start of the letter P in a row)


These creatures descended from parasitic spiders on thier homeworld. They a round bodied orange ball shaped sentiants with long spider legs. There Tiny head is mainly used for eating (drinking blood) and they have a ring of eyes along the bottom of thier body, as well as primitive eyes on their back looking up. (360 vision) With their long thin legs they have the balance of an olympic gymnast.

They are racially intolerant and dislike outsiders that do not participate in their extremely complex social rituals. Most of the culture is wrapped up in rituals to deflect percieved slights. (-3 to any PRE related skill used against the Pop) They have very little empathy with outsiders and really don’t understand social conventions of other races (-2 with all their own PRE skills)

So why are they even here?

The Pop have a boundless curiosity about the universe and once something catches their intrest they MUST find out about it (Curious disad 15 pts). Combined with that they are endlessly imaginative and versitile in their problem solving. They are keen inventors and explorers and grasp skills with amazing speed and clarity. (+2 all skills)

Though they were not picked to handle the exploration they spent countless hours and work bidding on both contracts. They are dispointed that they are relegated to “mere rescue” but the fact that they will be allowed to work on the project at all makes up for it. They are very jealous of the three cultures that were picked for “first contact” and exploration.



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