The Flock


The Flock are a race of hive minded flocks of sparrow sized birds. Each collection of birds is “one” sentiant being. The beings control each individual bird and thus can do many tasks at one time. They are a race of tinkerers but rely on the information that has been given to thier race over the years from the athorities in the Sphere rather than try and innovate themselves. They are singleminded when engaged in a task (+3 to skill rolls) but are totally incurious and oblivious to what is happening around them while they are so engaged.(-3 to perception rolls)

Perhaps because of this obsesive nature they have developed amazing senses to warn them of danger. (Telescopic, 360, vision and Sonar) and developed extremely fast reflexes (+3 DEX and +2 with ranged attacks).

When not engaged in a technical project they are edgy and easily frightened. Most Flock prefer to speak with outside races seperated by a glass wall and speaking by “typing” thier words into a computer which speaks for them. Safer for all concerned they say ( As well as cleaner. That many birds makes an awful lot of bird poop)


Recently, The Flock have betrayed The Rahnian Sphere, and have luanched a bid to sieze The Artifact for themselves with the help from their new aliance with The Illithid. While The Flock’s aliance with the Illithid is recent, there is evidence that their btetrayal of their Ranian Sphere alies has been planed from the begining.

Currently, their plans are being opposed by a loose coalition centered around Our Heroes consisting of The Sorn, The Raizen, The POP, & The Black Sun.

The Flock

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