Hurune Elite


The leadership class of the Hurune collective. They are backed by the Hurune Intellegensia for all matters of Dogma and Technology. The Elite govern the “herd” of the Hurune and control the masses of Hurune proletariate .

The Hurune as a whole are paranoid and xenophobic. It is a major tenant of their religion that there should be NO other intelligent species in the universe. ONLY the herd matters. Internally, to each other, they are gregarious and selflessly altruistic. But the presence of outsiders makes them nervous and violent.

If the Grue hadn’t insisted on trying to deal with the Hurune they might have stayed completely unaware of races on the other worlds of the system at all. They are notoriously unimaginative and culturally tend to stick with what has worked in the past. The Hurune Intellegensia actively suppress invention. If the elders didn’t need it then why does today.

That being said they took Grue slaves and have adapted the technology. And of course, they are now aware of “abominations” in “their” system and the “need” to purge them from the holy place that belongs to the Hurune alone.


Hurune Elite

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