carrier expedition group

The CEG is being led by the HMSS John McCain, a true fighting carrier with a full fighter and support wing of short range space ships stationed within it. It is suspected that the mission will last 5 subjective years.

Three Destroyers support and protect the McCain. They are:

HMSS Prometheus

HMSS Anasazi


One long range missle frigate travels with the group to provide back up for the entire opperation.

HMSS Blitzkrieg

Two fast attack frigates work at range and provide the first line defense for the group.

HMSS Shenandoah

HMSS Iris (the PC vessel)

One or Two Deep warp attack ships(exact numbers are classified) will go in hiding with the Carrier group. Such as :

HMSS Katrina

HMSS Tsunami

HMSS Chernobyl

One supply Gate ship supports the Group.

HMSS The Monty Hall

One long range sensor ship provides early warning.

HMSS The Walter Cronkite

One experimental self gating ship given by the Empress will be sent along to provide quick transport between ships.

HMSS The David Frost

carrier expedition group

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