The Anzi

If our Heroes were to be correlated to high school archetypes (and you know darned well I meant Terran human high schools of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, jeez, it’s okay to not be in character all the time), the Anzi would correspond most closely with the “nerd” crowd. Actually, if you go by this Venn diagram, they would be dweebs.

The Anzi are naturally intelligent, but at the same time intellectually lazy and a bit overly proud. If something interests them, they will sink significants amount of time and effort into learning more about it – many pioneers of sciences and technology among the Us have been Anzi. However, they’re not likely to remain interested in something if they don’t find themselves already having a bit of natural aptitude for it. For example, Anzi may become medical researchers, striving for new advances in understanding the Usine body, but it is rare for them to become actual doctors or nurses because they are immediately at an achievement disadvantage versus the Vlee. If there’s not a good chance a given Ani (that’s the singular) can become the best at something, odds are s/he will abandon the pursuit as a waste of time.

Anzi are most naturally drawn to left-brain pursuits like science, math and engineering. They are easily frustrated by endeavours that require a lot of purely creative thinking, such as music composition or abstract visual art. They are even more easily frustrated by the intricacies of etiquette and social interaction, particularly the formation of friendships or more intimate relationships. It’s not that the Anzi lack compassion, but they often lament that “the rules keep changing” for each individual – and it hurts when the gesture that was the height of thoughtfulness for one object of their affections gets derided as tacky by another. Many Anzi turn this pain into a sort of passive aggression, deciding that it’s now the responsibility of the other party to reach out to them, and if the other party can’t accept them for what they are, then it’s not worth it.

Breed Package

Associated Breed Reputation: Dweebs

Characteristic Bonuses:
  • 4 +2 Intelligence
Associated Skills/Perks/Talents/Powers:
  • 4 Environmental Movement: Supreme Balance – the Anzi are almost birdlike in their agility, particularly with their prehensile feet. Narrow and slippery surfaces do nothing to slow them down.
Associated Disadvantages:
  • Social Limitation: Socially inept (common, moderate) 5 Note: Think twice and get your GM’s permission before intensifying this disadvantage for your character. RPGs are social endeavours first and foremost, and it will be less fun for everyone if you have a character that can’t play nicely at all. Instead, consider psych disads such as “driven to be the best”.

Anzi Breed Package Total Cost: 3

The Anzi

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