The Gouwl

The Gouwl are the consummate warrior breed of Our Heroes’ race. Their skin colors are in hues of blues and grays, ranging from bluish-grey to grayish-blue. They have hair only on the top of their heads, which is black, white, or silver in color. Both men and women tend to wear it long, although most men don’t grow it much below the shoulders while women often have it grow all the way down to the small of their back. The Skin of the Gouwl contains naturally grown carbon fibers interwoven throughout the cellular structure. These threads make their skin uncommonly smooth, and highly resistant to energy excitation and cutting attacks. The Gouwl also have a tendency to be even faster and more dexterous than the norm for their race.

Breed Package

Associated Breed Reputation: Aggressive tendencies & Overprotective

Characteristic Bonuses:
  • 9 +3 DEX
  • 10 +1 SPD
Associated Skills/Perks/Talents/Powers:
  • 2 Damage Resistance (2 PD/2 ED) – The strong skin of the Gouwl makes their natural Physical and Energy Defenses into Resistant Defenses
Associated Disadvantages:
  • Psychological Limitation: Driven to protect allies & companions at own expense (Uncommon, Moderate) 5

Gouwl Breed Package Total Cost: 16

The Gouwl

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