The Vlees

Vlees are the Healer Breed of Our Heroes’ race: Strong (+5 STR); Smart (+5 INT); Typically born Empathic Healers (3d6 Healing, Side effect: take Stun; Extra END cost x2); Drawn (and encouraged by family) into the medical field; Often paramedics; Attractive (+2 COM); Nearly always hairless; Patched with distinctive dust red colored skin with a barely perceptible scaled pattern.

This breed has a reputation for being aloof, arrogant, domineering and, ironically, must eventually deign to serve the people. Vlees are known for their poor or conflicting bedside tendencies, which often comes from their heightened empathic ability being at odds with the training they receive to be objective medical observers.

Vlee means flesh or hairless, depending on the context, and is often associated with the more unsavory aspects of the medical field such as exposed flesh wounds and handling dead tissue.

Although the youth are born with peach-grey skin and without hair, nearly all Vlees have a period at the beginning of puberty where they grow hair and look much like other average breeds at least for a few years, and their skin shifts sharply to red-grey before settling to their eventual dust red and lightening with age.

  • Typical Vlees: Yado

The Vlees

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