character creation

Every character will have a 50 pt VVp that is Rahnian Sphere technology. I have a list so this will allow folks to have two things from that list at any one time. That takes care of the Gear a crew would have.

I want to do a “bid” type of structure for the race itself. Everyone in the campaign can make a 10 point “bid” for an ability or look they want the race to have. Within reason. I don’t want you all to be floating balls of plasma. I want the homeworld race to be basically humanoid and capable of emotional and romantic involvment. But I also want folks to come to a concensus about what “our Heroes” are.

So the Idea is to do these “bids” until 50 more points are spent. Everyone will have veto rights to stuff they don’t want.

Then everyone will have 100 points to spend on stats, skills, perks, and if you have a REAL good justification, powers.

Everyone will have 50 points of disads that are inherant to all the crew. Things like, “Under orders from the navy”, “watched by the carrier group”, “Must behave as a Officer and gentleman.” That sort of thing.

And then each character can make up 50 other points of disads, reflecting thier own personality. Hopefully mainly psych disads.

And also everyone gets 100 base points.

So the bottom line is 200 point characters, 100 base points 50 pts of disads. With 100 points already spent and 50 points of disads inherent to the character.

Roles/Rolls needed

Munitions, IE a “to hit” person for Ship to Ship combat.

ECM, A “Debuffer” for the enemy ship (Could be the same person as above)

Pilot, The “to dodge” person and the one that makes the “boarding” roll.

NAvigation, Detection of enemy ships and and “course plotting” ( adds to Piloting rolls)(could be same as Pilot)

Med officer, Life support and supply, (“repairs” crew in a fight)

Engineering, (repairs ship damage)

Alien culture and diplomacy, (strategy and Int rolls as to what the enemy is planning)

character creation

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