The history of the home worlds

The system Our Heroes come from has four inhabitable and and three inhabited planets.

The closest to the star is called Naanac by its inhabitants: the Entaine and the Grue who reside on the land and sea respectively. Our Heroes call this world “Mirror”.

Our Heroes’ world is next. Called simply “Here”, it is a temperate world which is also home to Selkie though they claim the rights to the sea specifically near each pole.

Next is the fertile “Garden”, a once lush virgin world that has now seen far too much war. Its environment is now struggling back to what it once was.

Finally there is Huruia, the closed-off land of Hurune proletariate. Since being beat back in “The Great War”, the Hurune Elite have made a space blockade around their world.

Recent History

133 years ago the Grue discovered Radio astronomy, Space travel, and coincidentally The Rahnian Sphere. Always eager to find new intelligent races, the Sphere happily inducted the Grue into imperial society. The Grue were thrilled. And soon Grue space ships were landing on the other worlds of the system trading new technology to the races they found there. However, the Grue never told any of the other races about the wide new empire to which the system now “belonged”.

The Entaine and Our Heroes mortgaged most of their future GDP to purchase the base technology of the Grue – and by extension the Sphere. Even the reclusive Selkie were enticed to purchase bits and pieces of useful technology that they proceeded to pull apart and make their own.

The Hurune proletariate attacked the Grue at first sight but then settled down to watch them. The Grue happily created cites in the seas of Huruia. However, once the Hurune discovered the hibernation cycle of the Grue, they quickly took advantage of that and enslaved many Grue on Huruia. These new slaves reluctantly gave them technology that the Hurune would not otherwise have had access to.

All this changed when the Yma showed up as the official contact race to the system. The Yma, with their code of non-interference, started giving the base imperial technology away to the Sphere’s new clients. ALL of them. Suddenly the Grue’s fortunes collapsed. The Entaine especially were horribly angry at the deception and the fact that they were “obligated” to an empire that they didn’t even know was out there. When the Yma found out that they had been deceived, and were NOT dealing with owners of the system (i.e. the Grue), they retreated to their ships until the system could “achieve political balance” between the races.

During the next few years the Entaine laid their plans to take over the entire system and, “for the good of all”, rule it as was their right. While a “border war” between the Grue and the Hurune had been raging for years, it was nothing compared to the system wide war that followed. All the races were using technology they barely understood to kill and destroy each other with abandon.

The Yma were appalled. They sent ships to evacuate civilians and heal the wounded where they could. But in some places (notably Huruia) they simply were not welcome.

The Entaine whipped themselves into a huge fury, poisoning the seas in an attempt to kill every Grue on their world. The Selkies were pushed to ally with the Entaine and attack Our Heroes on their own world. The tide finally began to turn when diplomats from Our Heroes finally made a breakthrough and allied with the Hurune against the Entaine and the Selkie axis.

The Entaine (and Grue) homeworld was ruined in the war and still needs massive work to repair the damaged ecosystem. It did not help that as soon as the Entaine surrendered, the Hurune Elite broke every agreement and continued to attack both the defeated foe and Our Heroes who until that point had been allies. “Garden” became the new front. But after 20 years of solid warfare an uneasy armistice has been reached with the Hurune. The planet of “Garden” is split roughly in half between Our Heroes and the Hurune collective. “Mirror” is back under control of the Entaine and Grue respectively. The Selkie kingdom is being rebuilt and it is retooling itself to become a manufacturing powerhouse; the new kingdom is closely allied with Our Heroes. Indeed the Crown Prince himself has recently married the Selkie Princess binding the two, once enemy, states together.

With the winning bid from the The Rahnian Sphere, the culture of Our Heroes finally has a technological edge over the Hurune that will finally ensure their safety and supremacy in the system. A full carrier expedition group has been sent to the Artifact.

The history of the home worlds

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