the People of the Vale


A single city dominates the Vale, home to a race of highly civilized and physically marvelous individuals. They are the People of the Vale.

The People of the Vale have mastered the art of agriculture, and have prosperous orchards despite the desert climate. They trade fruit, vegetables, wood and Azer-crafted artisan goods with the Zinyini in exchange for meat and milk, gladly letting “the savages” handle raising and caring for malodorous beasts.

The People of the Vale have no need for gods, putting their “faith” more into reason and philosophy. While they do freely admit that they were “bred” by Ni’Krowd and in fact share common ancestors with the Zinyini, they see the Zinyini pantheon as being merely anthropomorphic representations of naturally occurring phenomena which they already understand through other methods, meaning they do not feel the need to “worship” said phenomena. Many of the Vale’s royal family are also direct descendants of Zinyini gods, and wield power exceeding that even of Spirit Warriors – it is even rumored that Empress Carawynne is more powerful than all the Zinyini gods put together. This only further cements the city-dwellers’ belief that they need not give the gods any special veneration.

Empress Carawynne’s Line

The Rest of the Royal Family

the People of the Vale

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