the Zinyini pantheon


The gods of the Zinyini live above The Vale on great clouds of smoke eternally belched by the volcanoes to the west. They are much like any other gods, taking the love and respect of their followers and returning it in the form of blessings and miracles – though they are also prone to petty squabbles and feuds. However, they have weakened over the last several hundred years, as the city-dwelling people began to renounce the old faith in favor of more secular philosophy and reason. It is believed that the Vale’s Empress Carawynne is now more powerful than all the gods put together. So while the gods still seek to serve their own interests, they are effectively forbidden from bringing harm to the people of the Vale as a result.

Each god commands Spirit Warriors, the souls of faithful who died in service to the gods and who happily return to continue that service after death. They are translucent glowing creatures, but corporeal and able to manipulate tangible items. Spirit Warriors cannot be killed, since they are already dead. If you destroy a Spirit Warrior’s body, s/he will “resurrect” the next day. The Spirit Warriors’ faith in life also allows them to occasionally command primal energies in a shape suiting their gods’ natures (e.g. a Spirit Warrior of Ezalb would be able to blast people with gouts of flame). As part of the pact with Empress Carawynne, the gods are only allowed to send Spirit Warriors to aid those Zinyini who are allied with (or at least have promised not to harm) the people of the Vale.

List of deities

The old king of the gods was Norebo, but he died fighting demons in the War of Heaven and Hell some 30 years ago. When he died, all of the Spirit Warriors who served him simply winked out of existence. This was a severe blow to the morale of both the gods and their followers. Particularly devastated were the Ahmari, a Zinyini cult of Norebo who then abandoned all faith and ultimately went mad.

Modnar , god of thieves, was ruler of the gods. Not all the gods or their worshipers were absolutely pleased with this. Modnar basically played one god against the other and thus became the King of gods. He is a typical trickster god. who may or may not have slept with the Empress (either seduced by her or seduced her) to solidify his powerbase. Modnar engineered the destruction and capture of the homeworld of the Vale and has since escaped in disgrace and perhaps has died.However his spirit warriors still exist but are not divulging any secrets about the cunning god of thieves.

Other deities:

  • Nerwoc : the god of learning and art.
  • Einac : the god of the sea and of navigation (the latter being the chief reason why he is worshiped out in the desert).
  • Ezalb : The dead god of flames (his spirit warriors still exist but have sworn loyalty to the Empress Carrawynne)
  • Darreg : the god of strength and the earth.
  • Noi’fei : the goddess of magic and the air.
  • Allewel: the goddess of water.
  • Ni’Krowd : the ancient god of Time and father of the gods. Currently retired, and as such he commands no Spirit Warriors.
  • Nilarem : the youngest god, of making and technology. and now the current King of the Gods

the Zinyini pantheon

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